1.I am a single mama.
2.My kids are my everything.
3.I am a professional "peek-a-boo" player.
4.I 'm a singin' in the rain kind of girl.
5.I make awesome snow forts.
6.I love saying, "Fish and Chips", but not eating them.
7.I love Grey's Anatomy, and not just because of how dreamy McDreamy is.
8.I speak better in writing:)
9.I like black and white movies, especially ones with Jean Arthur or James Stewart.
10.I am a Red Sox Fan.

11.I was meant to have married Stonewall Jackson, but our centuries got mixed up.

12.My hair is naturally curly and I am forever trying to tame it.
13.My eyes are Hazel.
14.I love anything with mint.
15. I love to run. Sometimes when feel like slowing to a walk, I imagine zombies are chasing me.
16. I love watching Biggest Loser. It's on Netflix Instant Stream. 200 episodes!
17. My favorite drink is plain old water.
18. I finishes 2 semesters of college and will be returning.
20. I have never tried any kind of drugs, not even a cigarette.
21. My favorite state is Virginia
22. Nutella is my enemy.
23. I love
24. I am training for a marathon.
25. Sometimes, I watch Sesame Street with my son. Like, really watch it! It's cute.
26. I am constantly taking pictures of my kiddos.
27. I can't draw to save my life.
28. I write songs and record them myself.
29. My mom and my sister are my best friends.
30. I want to learn Russian.
31. I love cucumbers and hummus.
32. I afraid of heights.
33. I love to swim.
34. I am terrified of Snakes!!!!!!!
35. I am a Orthodox Christian.

I'll share more later.