Monday, September 13, 2010

Sad is Bad!

New Rule! No more Sad Stuff!!! I am done with it.
From now on I will be have posts that are positive and uplifting.
I got depressed reading my own blog today! Sorry Everyone!
I need to pull myself out of WOE IS ME land and just BE HAPPY!
I have a awesome kid and an awesome family....
YOU all are awesome too!!!
RaWr!!!!!! ( That was a happy rawr!)


Mama Hauck said...

YEAH!!! I find that thinking positive is the first step to feeling positive! Though I'll read your posts no matter if they're positive or a little down and out. :)

Anonymous said...

That's the spirit girl! Yeah, life is hard but it's still a good thing to be alive.

You are one amazing and awesome woman Aly! Kisses for baby J!

Thanks for the Joshua Radin song, i enjoyed it while i am at your site!