Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just Because

Took Goober to a play date yesterday and Fifi to one today. They both had a good time, especially Goober. He loved playing basketball with the other toddlers and playing in a huge sandbox full of dry noodles. I love to see him play and get along with other children- it's nice to have a such a friendly kid!
Fifi's playdate was much less exciting, considering all the children in her group can't walk or crawl yet. They all just sat there and drooling on brightly colored toys and getting fussy when they got put on their tummy. It was pretty darn cute.
There was a dad there who was Asian and had a thick Irish accent, and a little Irish fisherman cap on. A new mom with the sweetest little chubby 4 month old boy. She told us that today was the first time she had taken him out of the house alone and she had stopped the car 3 times during a 15 minute drive to check on him. Brand new mommies are adorable, aren't they?
The weather is beautiful right now. I know it won't stay this way for too long so I have been doing all my running outside rather than on the tready this week. Feels like I'm working a a completely different part of my calf muscles. Feels great!

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Mama Hauck said...

Oh how fun! I want a giant sandbox full of dry noodles! lol