Saturday, May 15, 2010

Please Don't Lick The Baby

Jarrod's dog is so sweet. He is a Basset Hound.
His name is Nibbles.
His favorite toy is a sqeaky hot dog.
He likes to lay around and cuddle.
He is a professional fly catcher, and he hunts them with such gusto.
He has a couple flaws though, we all do of course.

He tries to snatch dirty diapers and eat them whole.
He has a thing for baby toys. He wants to nibble on them.

He does a disturbing thing when he hears the squeak of his favorite toy. No further comments.
And, he always wants to lick the baby, preferrably his face.
It sickens me, because I can just imagine where that slobbering basset hound tounge has been.
But I feel so bad when I ward him off, because he licks the baby ever so tenderly.
He loves Josh. When Josh cries, Nibbles whines. When Josh comes home after being gone all day, Nibbles forgets his need to pee and needs baby face licking time.
It makes Nibbles happy.
Josh doesn't seem to mind.
So, I remain the guilty party.
Could we meet in the middle and permit baby toe licking?
Please Don't Lick The Baby.


Jennifer said...

I have to tell dogs all the time not to lick my baby. Maybe something about the smell of poop mixed with breastmilk is really appealing to them.

Anonymous said...

That seems to be really icky but pretty sweet too!

Nibbles loves and miss baby Josh and i say...awww!

Just tell him hard to lick the toe instead.

Mama Hauck said...

Ugh! I know what you mean! I have two dogs, one avoids the kids, the other showers them with kisses...especially the baby! Yuck! LOL You have a very sweet doggie though. :)