Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Sunday

I hope your day was awesome! Ours was! Our power was out for a bit because of the snow storm, but we had a blast anyway. We made burgers out on the grill, played Cranium, and played in the snow( obviously). I kind of like it when the power is out. It's a reminder of how fortunate we are to have electricity and warm water, but it is also a reminder of how fun it can be with no Xbox, Television, or Internet. We have a wood stove so our house was nice and toasty!! Honestly, the worse part about it for me was not being able to use my treadmill. I did my strength training instead, and soon after the power came on. So I hopped on that and ran 3 miles. It's weird but running is like my drug. I swear I get high from it.


Brittany said...

Hi Aly! Such a cute blog you have here and your kids are just adorable! Looking forward to reading more!

Tanya Little said...

That's awesome, I love power outages, as long as not too long or when sleepy time comes! It's horrible, but with how busy life is anymore, I feel as though that is my one good excuse to put everything else on hold to spend quality with my boys being silly.