Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Little Family Update

We found a about a month and a half ago that my little girl has torticollis, which means her neck is tighter on one side than the other. We caught it early so it should be gone by the time she is one. I take her to physical therapy every week and she has already made a lot of progress. I am still worried, but I have done my research and I think it is completely under control. We do our little workouts several times a day. She is my little trooper.

My son, J is doing great. He is learning more and more every day. His current obsession is Elmo!! I got him some Elmo pjs that he loves to wear. He is such a happy boy.
I'm blessed to have these two precious munchkins:)


Mama Hauck said...

Oh pretty Mama! Don't be worried AT ALL! My little Mols was born with it. They told me it was cause from the position she was at (call cramped!) inside the womb. We noticed it 2 days after her birth. All we wound up having to do was help stretch her neck muscles every day for a few months and everything was FINE! Good luck! You have two cuties on your hands! ;)

Aly said...

Good to know! When I search online I see all the worst case scenario stuff, but the therapist keeps assuring me Soph will be fine. I'm glad to hear it went away fast!

A.Sharie said...

your family is beautiful! I'm sure your little girl will be just fine, i think ive had a younger or cousin or two that had the same thing (and with their attitudes and the way the pop their necks -- i KNOW they are fine lol) but nonetheless i'll say a prayer or two :) just to keep the odds stacked in her favor :) and my best friend (shes 22 like me) is STILLL in love with Elmo lol he's pretty cool.

the cheese thief said...

Such a cutie. Poping in from mom bloggers club. I'm a new follower :)