Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...

I friggin' love Christmas. That's really the only way I can put it. It is my all time favorite holiday. It makes me feel all warm, fuzzy and happy inside. This will be my first Christmas with both my babies so it is extra special.
Fifi is already a total Christmas baby. I was out shopping the other day and brought her to the holiday aisle. She was entranced by all the lit up Christmas trees. Her eyes got all big and happy.

Goober has been learning so fast. He has added a couple words to his vocabulary in the past weeks. He now says Go!, don't, kiss, this, and juice.
His current obsession is matchbox cars. This little guy could play with them for hours. He has over a hundred, so he is always carrying a couple around in his chubby little hands. He lines them up in rows, drives them of tables, and he has his own humming car noise. I love when he lays on his tummy and drives them around on the floor, watching them very seriously. I am so glad I have a little boy:)

Happy December!!!

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