Monday, December 5, 2011

Breakfast: Geek Style


This is my delicious breakfast from this morning...kind of looks like Pac-Man's weird distant cousin. Well, he eats healthy anyway:)

I did some hill training today. Found a steep hill about the length of a football field. I went up and down in like a mad woman. The 5k I ran was harder than I expected because it was mostly hills. I want to be fast on any terrain so I am training on grass, gravel, pavement, hills, shaggy carpet, you name it. I was kidding about the last one....
Anyway, at this point I am running 9:50 minute miles and would love to be able to run 9 minute miles and eventually 8 minute miles. It's official, I'm addicted.
Happy Monday!

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sazamom said...

Its good that you exercise!I'll bet you feel great! Its wonderful to be out in nature. New follower.